Knives Out

Enjoyed it less than I expected. And in general, it was a different movie from what I thought it would be.
I expected it to be a parody hermetic mystery where the Patriarch stages his own death to prove how rotten his family is. The family indeed turns out to be rotten, but not in the way I’d expect.


The writing is quite good, I must admit. For example not a single person remembers from which country the nurse, Marta, originally from. They all say different South American countries: Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil. Ironically, I myself made the same mistake, thinking that Anna de Armas was born in Brazil. She’s from Cuba.


Then they’re also making fun of the youngest girl in the family begin “some crypto-marxist-gender studies student” while the youngest boy is “alt right Nazi troll”. Figures. Speaking of the youngest girl, Katherine Langford looks like she was filming in between “13 Reasons Why”, without even changing the makeup.


Here are a few interesting explanations to what’s going on in terms of storyline structure: