Spectre (2015)

If Skyfall was Dark Knight, then Spectre is John Wick. All the aesthethics of a secret assassin club are there:


Then in the second half it goes full 70s on you. With supervillain’s base set in a crater, supervillain torturing Bond with drills and Bond escaping using his watch, shooting from AK47 from one hand.

When Cristopher Waltz told Bond that he captures his girl and now there’s 3 minutes to save her, I thought it’s a clever nod. But no, he actually captured her in 15 minutes she was away, and put a 3 minute bomb on her!

With all that, the part I didn’t like was Bond shooting supervillain’s helicopter from a pistol. It was just lazy.



Decided to watch it simply because YouTube threw the Adelle’s “Skyfall” song at me.

Main themes: getting old. A steamship dragging an old Napoleonic-times warship. “Old dog, new tricks”.
There are a few jibes at the series origins: “What were you expecting, an exploding pen?” coming from the New Q is rich.
But do they really tried to step away from the roots? The villain is certainly a cartoonish one.
The scenes in London were fun to watch. The other scenes – not so much.
The one good character is the Vice PM, because he actually shows some development. At first everyone expects him to be a bureaucrat that is “unused to field work”. Then we’re told that he was a colonel held by IRA for 5 months. Then there’s the shooting scene, where he actually proves himself. It’s all a buildup for Judi Dench getting tired of playing M.