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  1. Beautiful Desolation
  2. BIOTA
  3. Call of Duty: Cold War
  4. Children of Zodiarcs
  5. Forgive Me Father
  6. Sinking City
  7. They Are Billions

Tried many games on Switch, but didn’t complete any 🤷‍♂️

PC Gaming

They Are Billions

Completed They Are Billions.
It’s a long game. The campaign is long by itself. Then a lot of the missions require you to spend an hour of real time waiting for that last wave of zombies. Then there are no saves, so if you die, you need to repeat it all over again from the very start.

The last mission is fun… until it isn’t. On one hand, there are a lot of choke points you can plan around of. But then on the other, it’s very long, and those waves are frustratingly hard to predict.


Annoyingly it is also crashed before showing me the final cutscene. Although it isn’t much of a cutscene anyway.


Knives Out

Enjoyed it less than I expected. And in general, it was a different movie from what I thought it would be.
I expected it to be a parody hermetic mystery where the Patriarch stages his own death to prove how rotten his family is. The family indeed turns out to be rotten, but not in the way I’d expect.


The writing is quite good, I must admit. For example not a single person remembers from which country the nurse, Marta, originally from. They all say different South American countries: Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil. Ironically, I myself made the same mistake, thinking that Anna de Armas was born in Brazil. She’s from Cuba.


Then they’re also making fun of the youngest girl in the family begin “some crypto-marxist-gender studies student” while the youngest boy is “alt right Nazi troll”. Figures. Speaking of the youngest girl, Katherine Langford looks like she was filming in between “13 Reasons Why”, without even changing the makeup.


Here are a few interesting explanations to what’s going on in terms of storyline structure:


Silo S01

Finished watching first season of Silo.
As far as thrillers go, this one is pretty solid. The cliffhanger at the end of every, fucking, episode, is a bit too much, but still, it’s fun to watch.
I liked the twist with George.


Вы думали я забыл про W40K? Конечно нет!

PC Gaming

They Are Billions

I’m starting to think that maybe I made a mistake rushing through the tech tree to unlock Mutant. More appropriate name should be Frankenstein Monster. It’s a powerful melee unit alright, but it’s prohibitively expensive.

Speaking of tech tree, some upgrades that sound amazing, like getting gold for each zombie, are actually trash. And some boring upgrades, like getting resources each time a train comes are amazing, because you don’t even need to build a mine to get Iron early, for example, and by the time you need iron, you’ll have a stock of it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse a decision once it’s made.

I was expecting the Mutants may be useful against other mutants and giant zombies (or are those zombie giants?). But no, it’s still more efficient to just whack them from afar.




Ok, so this blew my mind. In the show, Simon Pegg plays Hughie’s father. And in the comics, Hughie was based on Simon’s likeness.


One key character from the comics that is yet to appear in the show, if at all, is The Legend. He’s the local version of Stan Lee, a bit meta, I’d say. You see, he’s a comics author, and in the world where superheroes are real, this role is sort of a PR manager.
There’s an arc that takes a stab at X-men, called G-men.


Basically, the local version of Professor X is kidnapping kids, not picking up orphans. And “Professor X” is also a paedo. In a surprising turn of events, they are all wiped by PMC. Turns out enough firepower can be enough.




From the second arc the comics and TV series part ways so much I don’t see any sense to even compare them.
Second arc of the comics is dedicated to taking jabs at Batman, called here “Tek Knight”. At the relations with villains, at why he keeps a teenage boys around him all the time, and all that stuff. It’s a smart satire, but it’s a detour.
The next arc is in Moscow. There’s a pretty sophisticated story arc where The Corporation first gives some supervillains unstable Compound V. Then they give another supervillain a device that can remotely detonate any supervillain injected with it, telling her she’d be a hero. What they don’t tell her is that the device is fake, and the whole point is to wreak chaos and put a communist as the head of the state, so they could go back to Cold War. Other than introducing The Corporate Man, though, that plan doesn’t have much significance.
There’s also a strange plot about killed superheroes that come back as stupid zombies. I’m pretty sure it’s just an opportunity for Ellis to make jokes about literal shit and how brings back heroes in comics never works.
What you can’t take from Ellis, though, is how educated he is. Which doesn’t prevent him from being a sick fuck. But still, there’s a story about an aircraft for the navy that killed more pilots than it saved. Turns out, this is based on a real aircraft, Corsair, that was indeed a complete disaster.


Call for the Dead, John Le Carre

Finished listening to Call for the Dead. This is the first Le Carre novel, and for a first one, it’s written pretty well. It was obviously influenced by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg couple.
Listening to it after “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” is interesting, because you can see how Mundt was retrofitted to be a double agent later on. There’s very little wiggle room for that in the original novel.
Also interesting that Dieter, Smiley’s pupil that switched to work for East Germany after the war, is confirmed dead by the end of the novel. I’d thought author would leave it hanging.


“20 Criminally Overlooked Arcade Fighting Games From the 90s”

I didn’t like the video in particular, there are spelling mistakes in the captions and the facts are mostly from Wiki anyway. But I’m surprised that after almost 20 years, I still find fightings like Dragoon Might that I’ve never heard of, but look good.

PC Gaming

Mortal Kombat 1 – Reptile

I can’t say I follow up Mortal Kombat 1 closely, as I’m yet to play the previous one. But making the Reptile the good guy is certainly a ballsy move:

I like it!



In March my SanDisk flash drive started to refuse writing anything at all. By some luck I still had it under warranty, so I decided to give RMA a try. It took them exactly 5 months to send me a new one. Five months. By that time I of course bought another one.

Then a couple of weeks back my expensive Philips shaver stopped charging. I took a look and discovered that one of the charging pins broke off and got stuck inside the charger socket 🤦‍♂️

So I sent the whole thing back. Philips shipped the shaver quickly enought, everything took hardly two weeks. But… Only the handle arrived. Now look, they said in their instructions that I shouldn’t send any accessories. But I didn’t consider the shaver head to be an accessory. And the charger was broken, what was I supposed to do?

In any case, I contacted them, and they agreed to even send me a complete shaver. We’ll wait and see how that works out.


*.AVI N64 Nintendo

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – What Happened?

I didn’t know that Conker was in fact a cheap attempt to capitalize on Mario 64, which got overshadowed by Banjo-Kazooie.


And that it got most of it acclaim after it failed in sales.



Although I dislike Ellis style in general, I decided to give Boys a try. And they changed so much in the TV series.
For starters, Butcher works for CIA. And Kimiko was already part of his team.
The Hughie is Scottish. In the series he asks Butcher why he uses “cunt” so much, while in the comics he uses that and other Scottish words a lot.
In the comics, Janine, MM’s daughter, is this androgynous child. While in the comics she’s a rebellious and slutty dressing teenager.
It’s the Homelander that rapes Starlight in the comics, not The Deep.
The entire first season is dedicated to Butcher hunting for a Compound V sample. In the comics, he’s given it by the CIA Director he sleeps with, and he immediately goes on to inject Hughie with it.


Boys S01

The writing of the first season is just brilliant. They talk about “Mallory” since the first episode. But you don’t discover who that even is until the 7th.
Also, the entire Butcher revenge story starts with him presuming that his wife went missing, because Homelander raped her. And there’s a video from security cameras of her going into a room with him. But… that’s only half of the story. Homelander then told that Becca indeed carried his child, which should have been impossible, but she died during childbirth. Turns out, both are lies.
What the authors also got right is the fact that there are more than 2 parties. It’s not just The Boys versus The Corporation (I can’t spell its name for the good of me). Everybody has their own agenda. Including terrorists in the Middle East and in South Asia. It’s not just about USA.


Nintendo Switch


6th escape. It’s time to agree that you don’t need the perfect combination of boons in order to escape sometimes. I was using the Chiron Bow, and lost a couple of lives to the first bosses, since I had the Extreme Measures on. But then I still managed to escape, partially due to Neptune’s Legendary that knocks back twice.
7th escape. That was easiest escape by far. I started with Ares Doom Special, and that was it, really. When fully empowered, it deals incredible damage.
8th escape. I had the Rail, but what did the trick was Duo of Neptune and Zeus, really.
Funny that I almost escaped with the “Magnetic” fists, and died when Hades had just a couple of hits to go, because I got overconfident.

PC Gaming

They Are Billions

The good part is see a literal wave of zombies break upon your defences. Haven’t seen anything quite like it since Starcraft 2, and here they took it to the extreme.
The bad part is that all the missions start the same, which just your HQ, so the first 10-15 minutes are just going through the motions.
The good part is that the way global upgrades system works, is that after every mission you get to pick at least one upgrade. The bad part is that some upgrades are just not very exciting, like +5 to the HQ sight range 🤷‍♂️
The good part, is that almost every mission has some idea behind it. Here’s a canyon, where zombies can come only from two directions. Here’s a peninsula, where zombies arrive only through a bridge, but in a huge wave.


And here’s a map that has no natural defences whatsoever, but you have plenty of time to prepare.


Boys S01

“Whatever the price, I’ll pay it”

Nothing unexpected for those that have seen or read Watchmen. But still I’d say pretty well executed. It has a lot to say about media and corporate culture. And a bit about vengeance.

Was great to see Dominique McElligott from Hell on Wheels getting the attention.


I’m not that into comics to recognize all characters. Homelander seems like a combination of DC Superman and Marvel Captain America. Starlight is Supergirl, Mave is Wonder Woman, and the Deep is clearly a stab at Aquaman.
The most interesting part is that all characters have not only bad sides, which is expected from sick bastard Warren Ellis is, but also good ones. And they go from one to the other all the time. The Deep is introduced as that nice guy, welcoming and friendly. Then the moment he gets the opportunity, he decides to take advantage of a new girl on the team and basically rapes her. Obviously a bad guy. Then we get to see how he thinks he’s a “diversity hire”, and that he doesn’t do enough good, so he tries to rescue a dolphin from the aquapark he himself promotes. And fails. So now he’s almost a comic relief character.


And that’s even before we speak about Homelander. Homelander is the start of the show, the almost omnipotent antagonist.


He’s a killer, a rapist and a psychopath for sure. But he’s also deeply insecure, and it’s shown brilliantly.


Green Knight

I expected some kind of dark fantasy, but it turned out to be more of a mystical puzzle, that defies all expectations.


A ghost asks from Gawain to fetch her skull from the bottom of the lake. Classic.
— If I go in there and find it, what would you offer me in exchange?
— Why would you ever ask me that?


An owner of a castle asks from Gawain to give him what he doesn’t have. Classic.
Then, when asking for the magic belt, hero just refuses, and the owner goes “alright” and simply leaves.
And the fox, which I assumed to be sort of a guide to the underworld, stops and dissuades the hero from going any further?


Was delighted to recognise Barry Keoghan, who played the simpleton in Banshees of Inisherin. He plays a similar role here as well: simpleton that is not that simple.


Part of my puzzlement is because British kids study the original poem at school. While I had to figure out what’s the moral themes of the original tale, and what the new tale tries to say.

Just one example is that Arthur is never called by name, and simply referred to as “the King”. Another is that in the original poem, the owner of the castle and the Green Knight are the same person, while in the movie, they’re trying to tell you that it’s him, but also it’s Gawain’s mother.

Speaking of which, Morgan wasn’t Gawain’s mother in any of the poems, although she’s portrayed as Arthur’s sibling in some.



Hogan’s High Sobriety Cider

Making a cider that doesn’t taste like stale apple juice is hard. Making a low-alcohol cider like that is even harder. Hogan’s does a great job at that. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find in anything but x12 packs, which doesn’t correlate with how much we love cider.