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Completed Ascent.
I must give this game some credit. At first I thought the arsenal to be boring: regular pistol, EMP pistol, regular assault rifle, EMP assault rifle, regular shotgun, EMP shotgun. But there are some more interesting pieces later on. Flamethrower is a lifesaver. But then there’s also a LMG with explosive bullets, ricocheting SMG and a combination of a shotgun and a minigun.
Also, one of the skills I liked the most lets you summon an exosuit, that you can fight in. Can’t go wrong with an exosuit.
The final rush through Silo 86 requires some endurance. Too many mutans, not enough opportunities to heal. The carnage is satisfying, though, I must admit.


But the final boss, or rather just four waves of enemies separated by some button presses, is rather fair.

Storywise, Ascent corporation were developing a jumpgate. Thw CEO decided to defect to another corporation with unpronounciable name, and in the process tried to hack Ascent’s AI, forcing an emegency shutdown, which started all the chaos at the beginning of the game.


The nice bit is that the gate was hidden in the same location the game starts, making it a poetic cycle.
Anyway, when the gate is opened there are some W40K tentacles that pop out of “not the Warp”.


We close the gate, and everything is good again. Until the next time, as the post credit cutscene suggests, though.


The-Ascent-2023-08-27-22-43-49-08-DVR-mp4-000414-702 The-Ascent-2023-08-27-22-56-32-10-DVR-mp4-000007-999 The-Ascent-2023-08-28-22-37-42-03-DVR-mp4-000421-498 The-Ascent-2023-08-31-23-57-58-02-DVR-mp4-000450-499 The-Ascent-2023-09-01-21-52-32-03-DVR-mp4-000454-199 The-Ascent-2023-09-04-21-31-17-08-DVR-mp4-000243-500 The-Ascent-2023-09-04-23-02-23-09-DVR-mp4-000426-999 The-Ascent-2023-09-04-23-02-23-09-DVR-mp4-000450-999 The-Ascent-2023-09-04-23-09-00-10-DVR-mp4-000434-017 The-Ascent-2023-09-04-23-09-00-10-DVR-mp4-000453-517 The-Ascent-2023-09-05-21-34-40-11-DVR-mp4-000454-999 The-Ascent-2023-09-07-22-06-08-12-DVR-mp4-000433-999  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-05-21-37-18-37 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-05-22-17-55-57  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-05-22-51-20-88 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-05-22-51-26-49 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-06-22-18-54-30 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-06-22-33-25-99  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-07-22-06-48-25 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-07-22-15-28-16  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-07-22-21-26-56 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-07-22-21-31-23