Be Quiet Dark Base 900 PC case

I was very happy with the Thermaltake case for probably 10 years. But it was time to move on.
And I knew I wouldn’t want anything but a full tower.
I wanted something without plexiglass window this time. Plexiglass is more noisy, and I also don’t really like all the light coming out of it.
Quite quickly I set my eyes on the Be Quiet Dark Base 900 case.

The previous case had a few issues. It didn’t support 2.5″ drives.
Here every basket can support one 3.5″ drive or two 2.5 drives. You can choose how many HDD drive baskets to leave in the case, and remove others for easier access and better ventilation.

The regular version, unlike the Pro V2 one, doesn’t have the PSU shroud. But I didn’t know those were a thing until a week ago anyway.

First time that I see non-extractable screws. Which is nice, no chance of loosing them.

Thermaltake had a snap side panel. This one has a regular one.

No matter how large the case is, there will never be enough space. Part of it is due to motherboards still staying compact. So the RAM is covered by the CPU cooler, NVMe SSD is covered by GPU, which also prevents access to RAM, and there are still thick cables everywhere.
The main problem I encountered was that one of the screws that fixes the PSU had a bad thread. Took me a lot of time until I managed to get it out.
The door is quite heavy, and is held just by some magnets, as far as I can tell. At some point during the assembly it opened, and one of the hinges just snapped.