Infinity War

Finally got to watch Infinity War. Now I get most of the Thanos memes at least.

Actually, I wantched it more than a month ago, during a flight. But I felt terrible boredom every time I tried to write something about it. And the only reason I decided to write anything about it is because otherwise I’d forget I even watched it, and may try watching it again.

There is Black Panther stupidity, like those Ancient Greece formations of sorts, when they decide to open the force fields “because reasons”. Certainly a lot of Iron Man, who became all powerful “because nanomachines”. But mostly, it’s a Guardians of the Galaxy show, believe it or not. Most episodes have this “cosmic opera” feel.

As far as villains go, maybe Maw appeared as a bonus scene in one of the previous movies? Others are just Monster of the Week, basically. I’m not sure why Marvel never bothered with actually developing their villains.

Speaking of villains, Thanos has the same issue as Ultron (took me a minute even to remember his name). One moment he can change reality around him. Another moment he gets beaten by a comic-relief (but so unbelievable beautiful) Mantis lady. And of course his plan to eliminate exactly half of the life in the Universe doesn’t make sense at all. Even as far as other supervillanous plans go.


Age of Ultron

The movie leaves a strange impression. I expected it to be void, but actually, it is full of content. I think it was even too much for the cinema, although when you stop and able to process it: it’s alright.

They obviously built a lot for the Hulk vs Hulk Iron Man fight. Which is pointless, but then most of the Hulk moments are.
Confused me a lot that Quicksilver is played by a different actor, and has different personality here than in the X-Men movies.
The product placement in that one is bad. Very bad. First the Beats, then Gilette. And that Tony Stark car, some Audi?