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Turrets in this game are annoying. They shouldn’t have anywhere as much HP as they have. Super tanky. And on top of that, the tendency of the enemies to spawn behind you, in an area you already cleared, is annoying as well.

This stops mattering us much once you buy and upgrade the minigun, though. It, and the spiderbots that you get from the mid-game boss. Spiderbots are amazing, because they deal all types of damage at the same time. So no matter who you face, they will always deal maximum damage.
All I can say about the game story: it exists. You serve a mob boss, and as the Ascent supercorp that controls everything goes bankrupt, you try to reroute some energy from one of its reactors. You’re then hired by another corp, to steal the logs of Ascent. Turns out it went bankrupt because it was putting all of its money into a Secret Project.

New areas of the city open as the story progresses. But sometimes you’re given a sidequest in an area that hasn’t been opened yet. And there’s nothing telling you that you just wasted your time getting to a blocked path.

The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-11-16-13-14 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-12-01-33-25 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-22-19-16-09 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-22-20-24-91 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-22-23-34-86 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-22-29-28-68 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-27-22-29-31-24 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-30-21-15-29-61 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-30-21-25-19-70 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-22-53-26-93 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-23-28-54 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-28-24-70 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-54-12-39 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-56-55-96 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-58-35-29 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-59-05-01  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-08-31-23-59-33-23 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-01-17-02-52-15 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-01-17-16-19-91 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-03-19-04-45-31 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-03-19-51-30-73 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-03-22-54-44-35 The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-03-23-05-47-24  The-Ascent-Screenshot-2023-09-04-22-40-28-72

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