Well of Ascension, Brandon Sanderson

There are good parts to this book. Hunting for a doppelganger among King’s advisors. A city besieged by multiple armies, and not just one. Very reasonable politics: traders want titles, nobility wants to end the siege so everything will go “back to normal”, commoners are just terrified.
But then there’s this “girl can’t choose between two boys” part. I can’t count how many times Vin just labels Eland, her boyfriend, “a good man”. Then there’s torment of “he thinks I’m a monster now, he’ll leave me”.
Also I noticed that I became totally uninterested in fight scenes. Or maybe those aren’t very good.
Interesting that even the best modern authors, such as Joe Abercrombie and Sanderson himself couldn’t avoid adding some kind of “orcs” to their universe. In Mistborn they’re called koloss, but it doesn’t change the brutish nature. Another similarity: both in Abercrombie’s and Sanderson’s universes those were created as by a magician for their needs.