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They Are Billions

Completed They Are Billions.
It’s a long game. The campaign is long by itself. Then a lot of the missions require you to spend an hour of real time waiting for that last wave of zombies. Then there are no saves, so if you die, you need to repeat it all over again from the very start.

The last mission is fun… until it isn’t. On one hand, there are a lot of choke points you can plan around of. But then on the other, it’s very long, and those waves are frustratingly hard to predict.


Annoyingly it is also crashed before showing me the final cutscene. Although it isn’t much of a cutscene anyway.

They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-13-15-53-18-69 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-13-15-56-17-50 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-17-22-00-10-80 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-17-22-06-56-32  They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-19-21-49-59-08 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-19-21-56-39-82