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They Are Billions

I’m starting to think that maybe I made a mistake rushing through the tech tree to unlock Mutant. More appropriate name should be Frankenstein Monster. It’s a powerful melee unit alright, but it’s prohibitively expensive.

Speaking of tech tree, some upgrades that sound amazing, like getting gold for each zombie, are actually trash. And some boring upgrades, like getting resources each time a train comes are amazing, because you don’t even need to build a mine to get Iron early, for example, and by the time you need iron, you’ll have a stock of it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reverse a decision once it’s made.

I was expecting the Mutants may be useful against other mutants and giant zombies (or are those zombie giants?). But no, it’s still more efficient to just whack them from afar.


They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-03-22-36-01-23 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-04-21-22-07-100 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-04-21-46-07-26 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-04-21-56-24-33  They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-06-10-14-21-46 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-06-10-24-50-99 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-07-17-15-29-60 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-08-23-04-31-22 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-11-13-39-15-64   They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-13-15-53-18-69 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-08-13-15-56-17-50