Boys S01

The writing of the first season is just brilliant. They talk about “Mallory” since the first episode. But you don’t discover who that even is until the 7th.
Also, the entire Butcher revenge story starts with him presuming that his wife went missing, because Homelander raped her. And there’s a video from security cameras of her going into a room with him. But… that’s only half of the story. Homelander then told that Becca indeed carried his child, which should have been impossible, but she died during childbirth. Turns out, both are lies.
What the authors also got right is the fact that there are more than 2 parties. It’s not just The Boys versus The Corporation (I can’t spell its name for the good of me). Everybody has their own agenda. Including terrorists in the Middle East and in South Asia. It’s not just about USA.


Last two episodes of the first season felt a bit rushed. The whole revelation that Annie wasn’t born special, but augmented… well, she accepted it too easily, I’d say. And the fact that Homelander flew Butcher away from the explosion: A-Train, I’d understand. But Homelander, he flies and burns stuff with his laser eyes. Not outruns explosions, I’d say.