Boys S01

“Whatever the price, I’ll pay it”

Nothing unexpected for those that have seen or read Watchmen. But still I’d say pretty well executed. It has a lot to say about media and corporate culture. And a bit about vengeance.

Was great to see Dominique McElligott from Hell on Wheels getting the attention.


I’m not that into comics to recognize all characters. Homelander seems like a combination of DC Superman and Marvel Captain America. Starlight is Supergirl, Mave is Wonder Woman, and the Deep is clearly a stab at Aquaman.
The most interesting part is that all characters have not only bad sides, which is expected from sick bastard Warren Ellis is, but also good ones. And they go from one to the other all the time. The Deep is introduced as that nice guy, welcoming and friendly. Then the moment he gets the opportunity, he decides to take advantage of a new girl on the team and basically rapes her. Obviously a bad guy. Then we get to see how he thinks he’s a “diversity hire”, and that he doesn’t do enough good, so he tries to rescue a dolphin from the aquapark he himself promotes. And fails. So now he’s almost a comic relief character.


And that’s even before we speak about Homelander. Homelander is the start of the show, the almost omnipotent antagonist.


He’s a killer, a rapist and a psychopath for sure. But he’s also deeply insecure, and it’s shown brilliantly.