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They Are Billions

Thought it to be a tower-defence game, but it’s more of a standard RTS with some interesting mechanics. You’re fighting against hordes of zombies. If any of your buildings are destroyed, they spawn more zombies. And since most of the buildings are very fragile, this can quickly create a snowball effect. There are also no saves during mission, and the number of retries it takes you until you manage to complete your mission affects your score.

One mechanic I didn’t understand at first is that you can place your hunter cabins that produce food anywhere. Doesn’t have to be close to forest.

Some missions are just dungeon crawling with your hero. Those are easy and bring great rewards, but are boring as hell.


They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-07-12-22-52-50-44   They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-07-15-22-45-41-45  They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-07-16-10-25-39-06 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-07-16-10-38-52-25 They-Are-Billions-Screenshot-2023-07-16-13-16-15-88