Silo S01

First episode was rather weak. Hermetic sci-fi can be rather dull, “we don’t know what’s outside”, “the government is lying to us”, all that stuff.

But with Rebecca Ferguson appearance, it becomes much better. Despite her rather “woman in pants” role, she does have that subtle mimics that makes everything better.


Also, it’s funny that everyone is using Python in the Silo.
And we watched another TV series, completely unrealated, called “Anne with an E” recetly, and a lot of cast came straight from there.

My running theory for now:

  • The Grey World is the reality, and the Green World is something created for people to feel well before they die / while they’re inside Silo
  • The Grey World is not deadly, though. People that are let out outside “to clean” die from inhaling something / being injected something during “the ritual”