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Beautiful Desolation

I thought it to be another Fallout. Turns out it’s more of a Sanitarium. Luckily, there’s no pixel hunting, most active objects can be seen from afar.

We travel an apocalyptic world together with our fat brother and a robot dog. The main purpose of companions is to provide stories, and they do it pretty well.
The brother, who the hero despises at the beginning of the story, turns out to be a war veteran than became homeless due to his PTSD. And the robot dog was a prototype for a robot that feel emotions. It was a success, but she killed her creator in the process, and lied about feeling anything, so she was deemed a failure.

And the beginning of the game, we accidentally travel to the future. And the whole game is focused around our attempts to build a time travel machine to journey back. In order to do that, we try to help, or sometimes to pass rituals of what appears to be different South African tribes. All of them cybernetic or outright robotic.


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